• Turkish leather meets the art! 'Art Meets Leather' project that includes leather performances of Lolita Asil, Yücel Kale ve Suzy Hug Levy is now in APLF Fashion Access 2014 by the support of Turkish Leather Brands..
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For designers, abroad fairs are very important to get close to targeted countries and establishing strong relationships in the commercial stage of fashion sector; but this concept may not be suitable for every designer.
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Turkish Leather meets with Contemporary and Traditional Art at APLF 2014: TURQUOISE collection
Turkish leather meets the Turkish art’s most perfect works. TURQUOISE collection that leather designer Murat Aytulum created with using different structures and technics is now being showed in APLF by the sponsorship of Turkish Leather Brands.
The Heroic past comes to life with The Leather Age - Anatolia ∞ at APLF 2014 Turkish Leather Brands, aiming to promote Turkish leather to the world and increase the industry ́s market and export potentials, and fashion designer Hatice Gökçe, who has started her design adventure by using leather, came together in a charming project. The Project will be exhibited at APLF 2014.
Turkish Leather Brands (TLB), founded in 2005 with the aim of promoting Turkish leather to the world and increasing the industry’s market and export potentials, realizes a new project ‘TURQUOISE’ that proves Turkey is an expert in design. TLB also presents ‘ART MEETS LEATHER’ project, which brings well-known Turkish artists’ art pieces formed with Turkish leather, at APLF 2014.
Great Final at Deri'n Fikirler 3rd Leather Design Contest
At the final of Deri'n Fikirler 3rd Leather Design and Manufacturing Contest that was held by Aegean Leather and Leather Products Exporters Association, designer Zeynep Nural,leather designers Muharrem Burak Dombay and Mustafa Türedi's team won the contest.